Mikono’s face burned crimson red.  ”Ehhhhh!?  A-A-Amata-kun!?” she stammered, flustered.  ”N-N-No, Amata-kun isn’t my partner!”  The violet-haired girl hastily turned away in embarrassment.

A-Amata-kun and I…  Like…, she thought, her mind spinning and her heart racing.  Do I… like Amata-kun?  I-I-I don’t know…  She never really thought about it, never really considered it, what, with the rule in Neo-DEAVA and all.  Or could it have been that she didn’t to face it—whatever sort of “feelings” she had for him?  Mikono didn’t know; she couldn’t think about this, not now.  She pressed her hands into her face, but it wouldn’t stop the warmth spreading on her cheeks.

“I-It doesn’t m-matter, does it…?” Mikono muttered meekly, reluctantly stealing a glance at Jin only to turn away just as quickly.  ”I-I mean, love and relationships…  They’re forbidden.”

Jun flustered when she mentioned that love is a forbidden matter in here. It was right, but Jin did not know why. He always thought that love is a normal thing people could feel. But it was strange that this academy did not allow love and relationship.

"A-ah… yes… You are right. Although I do not understand why…"

But the way she blushed and stuttered only meant one thing for the blonde. It seemed that… no matter it’s in a romantic way or not, Amata had been someone special to the girl. Just like Yunoha for him. Somehow Jin found this girl was similar to him when it came to express her feelings. These girls were very difficult to understand, though.

"It doesn’t matter… indeed… I was just curious." He tilted his head, looking at the girl in his curious look. "Are you okay, Mikono…?"

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It seemed that as long as she didn’t prod at topics related directly to him, or what he was doing for that matter, he wasn’t as flustered, as shy as he still appeared to be. Not that Zessica believed that she and Jin could be the best of buddies, she still wanted to be on good terms with everyone. There really wasn’t anyone she was that close with, even Amata. Maybe she alienated herself by being too confident. The green haired girl sighed lightly and stretched a bit, hearing his question.

“It’s just that between the fighting and the studies, a lot of us don’t quite know how to socialize.. I think.” She admitted, biting her lower lip. It’s true. The students still weren’t used to even co-exist since that wall had came down. Zessica couldn’t help but to wonder how everyone would interact if they lived more normal lives like those their age.

Oh well. They were all here for a reason right? “I think we should enjoy the time we have here, Jin. Make the most even out of the boring times, too.” She grinned sheepishly, leaning back on the table, her hands nearing his books, brushing against one. “Don’t you agree?”

At the moment, Jin only listened to what Jessica said. She got a point there. He could see that students here did not interact well—including him. Well, Jin was not a person who could easily mingle with people. In Altair, all he did was serving under Izumo and helping Kagura out from troubles. Aside from that, he did not spend his time to interact with others. He completely has no experience in socializing with people.

"Yeah…" He murmured. "I just don’t know how to enjoy the time here.” He was simply being honest. What could he do? All he knew was gathering informations about the rare igura to find the ‘eve’. —And Yunoha. He took a deep breath when the name of Yunoha crossed his mind.

"Come to think of it…" He started, sounding unsure. "Love is forbidden, right?" He glanced through the corner of his eyes. "Why?”

Why? It always became the question. Why love was forbidden? Jin just heard about it from other students. But seemingly everyone had the same issues. They fell in love, interested to other people, and even, they wanted to have connection with a certain person. Just like how he felt toward Yunoha.

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“Hm?” Mikono asked, blinking.  She didn’t understand Jin’s hesitance or his reason for looking for Amata, but surely it had to be important, right?  ”Say, Jin-kun.  I-I could help you look for Amata-kun…  If you want, that is,” she offered with a reluctant smile.  After all, Mikono spent almost all of her time with Amata; if anything, she’d be an expert on where to look for him.

However, with the “Kagura” incident—among other things, Amata and Mikono had been a little distant lately and unable to understand each other like they normally would.  Mikono wished things would eventually get easier, but she wasn’t sure how that could happen or what she could do to make things normal again.  She didn’t really want to see Amata, but at the time, she couldn’t help but want to see him.  Her feelings were often confusing as of late, but she really did want to see him.

"Nothing… really…"

Probably Amata and Andy were the only people who always tried to make a bond with him in Neo-DEAVA—besides Yunoha, of course. And they were roommates, which made them spending their nights together. He just didn’t know how to start a conversation with strangers, but Amata and Andy always managed to start the conversation with him, although he never really cared about them. Perhaps he had to apologize to them.

"So… Mikono… Do you like Amata?" He wondered how it felt to fall in love with someone. Did it felt the same when he was around Yunoha? He wanted to know if he had fallen for Yunoha. He just didn’t used to such feelings. But he knew how Mikono blushed around Amata, and how Amata always got nervous and excited at the same time when they were about to hold a party with the girls (which included Mikono) in their dorm.

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She didn’t mean to look, but his quick movements to get his book hidden made her look in that general direction. Not quite seeing the page, but noticing the title of the book, Zessica began to grin sheepishly. Unlike other girls, she was pretty proud of the female body, and even if she had caught him red handed, she wouldn’t have judged him, though it would have still struck her as a tad odd. 

“Studying what? Maybe I can help?”

She asked honestly, just thinking about how they were in the same class and all and nothing else. For moment she peeked over at his books, and if he was someone more familar, she would have taken what he was studying so hard to confirm her thoughts, but she didn’t want to freak him out.

Now casually sitting on the table in front of him, Zessica crossed her legs. “I felt so bored there, and I wanted a change of scenery that’s all..” She felt silly for not being in the library to actually study like other students. 

Jin was surprised when she offered him a help. He did not know how to tell her that he was learning everything about women. And it was kind of awkward for him to study about women with a woman. She might probably think that he was a creep or something, but he really didn’t mean to be someone like that. He was just curious, since he never saw any woman in Altair except the sleeping Alicia. He lost his words for a moment, but then he gain his confident as soon as Zessica changed the topic—although he was sure she would still offer him that ‘help.’

“Bored? Why so?” He looked up at her, and unfortunately what he saw was her legs being crossed and she exposed her thighs, making the blonde quickly returned his gaze back down to the piles of books in front of him. His heart was beating faster and the sweat was running down from his temple. He did not dare to look at her again, perhaps for the rest of his life.

But it was annoying for him that he had such trouble of making friends with everyone in Neo-DEAVA. He really wanted to get along well with them, and shared the stories from Altair. Like; how they lost all of the women and whatnot. But things were not as simple as that. He really had a problem with his confidence once he met the girls.

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As Yunoha was just about to walk away, she heard the sound of her name being called. Turning around, she found herself looking at a familiar face.

“A-Ah Jin!” She stammered when she realized who it was. She hadn’t expected to see him today, since Jin usually stayed in his room, only sometimes going out to venture around the school. Though, she was glad to see him not in his room, since she liked hanging out with him, and found him rather easy to talk to with their similar situations.

As he spoke, Yunoha could only blink in reply, rather confused at the quickness of his speech and nervousness. She couldn’t tell why he was nervous, and it was kind of making her nervous too. She didn’t think she did anything to make him feel nervous…

“O-okay.” She finally answered his question, giving the blonde a small smile.

At first, Jin was afraid if the girl would refuse to go with him after whatever happened to them before. But when he heard she said ‘okay’, Jin’s heart was like skipping a beat. His face was covered in dark crimson and for a minute he just stood there and opened his mouth. Just… what should I do now… Jin awkwardly grabbed the petite girl’s wrist and dragged her with him, bringing her to the cafeteria where other students spending their break.

"Um…" He glanced at her and quickly threw his gaze away as she looked back at him. "Should we sit there…?" Jin pointed at the table near the window. There were not many students gathered around there, so they could spend their break in peace without being bothered by other girls who usually ‘harrased’ him.

Without waiting for Yunoha to answer him, Jin dragged the girl along with him to the mentioned table. He sat before her and lifted his head, looking at her sheepishly. “What kind of ice cream do you want to… eat…?”

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Mikono stared at the ground, embarrassed.  She couldn’t understand at all why she was defending that person, and but she was certain of one thing—her heart was pain.

But hearing Jin say Amata’s name drove Mikono out of her thoughts. “Eh?  Amata-kun?  Erm…  N-No, I haven’t…,” she replied hesitantly.  ”Um.  Why do you ask, Jin-kun?”  Amata and Jin didn’t seem very close, so it confused her.  ”Are you looking for Amata-kun?  Do you need him for something?”

Jin looked at Mikono with the blush covering his cheeks. He did not know how to answer since he wasn’t really sure why he was looking for Amata. They were just roommates and they barely talked to each other. Jin scratched his head and quickly threw his gaze away from her.

"N-nothing… I’m just…" He just preferred to hang out with Amata than had to be stuck with a girl. It wasn’t that he disliked Mikono or something. He just hated to be in a situation like this.

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